Loot Crib - Modlist

Exclusive Custom Clothing

Helmet K6-3 + Juggernaut Vests

Some custom heavy armor to not only feel like a tank, but to be one!
Jugger is available in four colours.


A completely customazible vest with plenty of slots for pouches and other stuff.

Compatible with the MVS-Pouches (like Admin, Medic, Raid, etc.) 

Crib Backpack

This Backpack has plenty of space allowing you to carry around big heavy guns with you!

Has a slot for pouches and a weapon too.

Night Vision Goggles

Getting a cooler look for the Night Vision Goggles. 

Is attachable to every helmet where the vanilla NVGs would be too

Exclusive Custom Weapons

Accuracy International

Shoots Cal.50 Ammunition (Compatible with Morty and CPB Ammo).



Thor Windrunner M96

Shoots Cal.50 Ammunition (Compatible with Morty and CPB Ammo).




Exclusive Mod

Have a look at our brand new Mercedes AMG GT - 2020. This Mod is exclusive and not accessible for every Server!
It's available in different Colours:

Black / White / Yellow / Blue / Orange


Exclusive Mod

Have a look at our brand new Audi RS6 - 2020. This Mod is exclusive and not accessible for every Server!
It's available in different Colours:

Black / White / Chrome / Gray

Red / Green / Blue / Orange

If you're interested in some Giveaways check out our Discord (Channel #giveaways).

Exclusive Mod - AdvancedGroups

Group System

Map & Markers

Information Panel

Compass & Ping

Global Chat

Flag Pole Extension

  • Group System
    Invite Players
    Invite Players for one Serverperiod
    Hierarchy Clansystem
    Playerlist & Squadlist
    Groupmembers on Map
    Groupmembers in 3D Ingame
    Groupmembers Logout postion on map
    Groupmembers Logout postion in 3D
  • Map & Markers
    Group Markers
    Private Markers
    Server Markers (Ingame) (Admin)
    Temporary Server Markers (Ingame Admin)
    Wide range of different and RGB colorised icons
    Various combination of disable/enable Functions of Markers
    High customizable settings (Distance | 3D | 2D)
  • Flag Pole Extension
    Allow to instantly build the flag pole (no stones or anything needed!)
  • Compass & Ping
    Tactical Ping with automatic clearing & 1x limitation
    Shows Player direction
    Shows Tactical Ping direction
    Global Chat
    Groupchat for Groups
  • Globalchat
    Shows Clantags in Chat while writing
    Highlights Ingame Admin & Support messages
    Configure different Groups for Chat (e.g Admin, Support, VIP....)
    Configure different colors for Servermessages and chat
    Admins can mute single players for a specified time or even the whole chat
  • Information Panel
    6x configurable Buttons + Subtext + Hyperlink
    Servertime (Location)
    Cursor Coordinates

Full Modlist of the Server:

  1. CF
  2. Community-Online-Tools
  3. [Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack
  4. Advanced Weapon Scopes
  5. AdvancedBanking
  6. CPBWeapons
  7. Trader
  8. Care Packages
  9. Altar Commando Unit - Blackmarket trader
  10. Anzio 20mm AMR Rifle
  11. Balota Battalion Headquarters
  12. BuilderItems
  13. CheckIdentity
  14. Cheytac M200 from ArmA 2 Port
  15. Cl0ud's Military Gear
  16. Code Lock
  17. dbo_atv
  18. dbo_surfaces
  19. Ear-Plugs
  20. Fast Travel
  21. Garage
  22. GoreZ
  23. Lightsword
  24. LootCrib
  25. Mass'sManyItemOverhaul
  26. Modular Vest System
  27. Mortys Weapons
  28. Movement
  29. NEAF Aircraft Military Base
  30. Notifications
  31. Oilrig-Helicopter Support Military Base
  32. Server_Information_Panel
  33. StreetLighting
  34. ToxicZone
  35. TraderFixesAndFeatures
  36. Unknown Ghillie Mod
  37. Vehicle3PP
  38. VendingMachine
  39. WindstridesClothingPack
  40. Winter Chernarus
  41. Breachingcharge
  42. RaG_Hummer_Armored
  43. MuchStuffPack
  44. BaseBuildingPlus
  45. CannabisPlus
  46. CustomWatermark
  47. BasicSpawnSelect
  48. CJ187_Drinks_Food
  49. FlipTransport
  50. King of the Hill
  51. DrugsPLUS
  52. Saline Bag+
  53. SkyZ - Skybox Overhaul
  54. CZLSeaContainer
  55. Winter Camo For Modular Vest System
  56. HelicoptersForAll
  57. COCAs_NoVehicleDamageMOD
  58. CJ187-LootChest

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